Fixing My Gaze
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Recommended Resources

To find an optometrist conversant in optometric vision therapy consult the following websites:

An optometrist with FCOVD after his or her name is a Fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development.  To become a Fellow, the optometrist has passed a rigorous board certification exam in binocular vision and optometric vision therapy.
This is the site for my blog on the Psychology Today website.
The above ad-free sites are part of a group of linked sites that provide great information about binocular vision and optometric vision therapy.
This site is authored by Dominick Maino, an excellent optometrist and editor of the journal Optometry and Vision Development.
PAVE is a parent-run organization dedicated to helping children with vision problems perform better in school.
The Vision First Foundation is also an advocacy group for children’s vision.

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